How to choose your word

Easy as 1-2-3

  • Time to decide which word is you. Do you feel ‘Beautiful’, or are you more of a ‘Ragemachine’? Are you an ‘Angel’, or is there a rude word that better suits who you are? We don’t judge, we simply list.
  • Check if your word is still available.
  • If it is, register it as yours and yours alone, and add all the social media links and contact details you wish to share with your word. It’s that simple.

Why use

It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s FREE! makes your social life easier, making connecting with new people more entertaining and simplifying the world of numerous contact details under one, oh so you, word.

What is lets you pass on all your chosen social contacts instantly with just a single word. You could be Cheeky, Freaky, Funky or Fab..but what you won’t be is forgotten!

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