The Diktionary


Hi, we’re Adrian and Chris.

Several years ago, while working on a hotel barge in the Shetland Isles, we got to chatting about what a nightmare it was to have so many different logins for social media.

A - ‘Wouldn’t it be just so much easier if all our socials and contact info were wrapped up in a single word – then you could just tell someone that word and they can find you. No messing about with handles, URLs or searching through people with the same name…none of that nonsense.’

C – ‘Shut up and keep scrubbing…

…actually that’s not a bad idea!’

And so the idea for was born; toilet brush in hand.

Now all we needed to do was figure out how to build the thing.

We created to offer a new, easier way for people to connect, but we dream of it becoming so much more than that.

We hope it will bring people closer together, launch friendships and start relationships – and be a new way for people to start conversations:

“Are you in the Diktionary are...what word are you?”

But we also dream of giving back to those who join us, because once we hit the right critical mass we plan to create a marketplace for members to trade their words.

And remember, by using and sharing your word with everyone you know we’ll reach that critical mass more quickly.

And when that happens, we have a lot more plans for users to make money from their word.

Let’s make it happen TOGETHER!

When Diktionary



So, what’s YOUR word?

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