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Grab it before someone else does, or it’ll be gone for good.

“Hi, I’m Rob, my phone number is blah, blah, my Insta/Twitter/Facebook is blah, my…Zzzz...”. Poor Rob, he’s just sent another person to sleep. But if he’d registered FREE with Diktionary.com , listing all of his social usernames and contact details in one place, under a single unique word he’d chosen e.g. Sportsfan, all he’d have to say in future when he met new people is,

“Look me up in the Diktionary, I’m Sportsfan!”.

Then they can pop over to Diktionary.com, search for ‘Sportsfan’ and BAM..there’s Rob with all the contact details, social info he’s happy to share.


What word sums you up?
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